Boston Biddies

6 middlers/juniors at Northeastern University. We're all crazy best friends who met freshmen year and have been adventuring and experiencing life as a college student in Boston ever since. Here's a little slice of our life:

Boston sunrise on January 1st

Northeastern University.
First christmas in the new apartment, we decided to get a lil tree

Anonymous said: Hi! How does freshman housing at Northeastern work?

the building you live in will depend on the LLC you choose to be in (if you are honors you are in IV but the rest are randomized). you can choose a roommate if you meet someone ahead of time but if not you fill out a little questionnaire and are set up with someone!

18. December 2013

Anonymous said: what does it mean if I get deferred to regular admission? Does that mean they're going to deny me later? Does it mean my scores aren't good enough? I'm scared :( I really want to go to NEU..

I think it just means you were good enough not to be denied flat out but they want to compare you with the regular decision applicant pool and decide from there! It’s not always about scores, northeastern takes a lot into consideration in applications.  I wish you the best of luck! 

just us with the world series trophy